“Ruins” by Tang Ming – Salon des Artistes Independants – Paris.

“Ruins” by Tang Ming – Salon des Artistes Independants – Paris.

“Ruins” by Tang Ming has rich connotations and profound meanings. It implies that if people are in the ruins, they do not need to refer to art history, do not need to know art, do not need the so-called culture, self-cultivation, much less do not need to wear clothes and dress up…civilization is meaningless. This is a place of ruins and pain; it is a place where you can hear your own breathing, abandonment and fear; this is a place that reminds you of where you have come and where you will go; it is also a place where people don’t need to perform and  can reveal their true soul; it is a place to self-examine your actual behavior, where you can freely present, vent, and discuss the other unfamiliar self that should belong to you; this is a soul performance field, where any kind of soul can appear. This is also the place where people look for hope in decadence and light in the darkness; it has no threshold; it has no identity; it has no national boundaries or ethnic divisions; it is the beginning and the end… The artwork expresses people’s entanglement, loneliness, wandering, helplessness, longing and other changes, various inner worlds and complex human nature expressions vividly.

The creative concept of this work by the land artist Tang Ming is unique and original. The work is a perfect bond of emotion and concept. It perfectly integrates profound philosophical thoughts and nature, and fully reflects the broad concept of humanistic care. He made the “ruins” a larger and freer place for artists and made art move from narrowness to vastness, from existence to non-existence. As soon as this artwork came out, it shocked the art field and was highly appreciated by professionals.


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